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Our Salmon: The Secret ...

TIME is the secret of Nicky's smoked salmon.

An age-old process established some 200 years ago, and traditional methods, ensure that the distinctive consistency and the taste that people have come to savour in our smoked salmon remains constant.

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Oak wood shavings smoke the salmon for hours in a specially designed kiln. The kiln?
Well some things must remain secret!
Designed by Martin McLoughlin, it ensures an unchanged process while incorporating the requirements of modern hygiene codes and regulations.We are fully H.A.C.C.P. Approved, Approval No. IRL3DN0029

The smoking process remains constant and investment in the most up-to-date skinning and slicing equipment guarantees an excellently presented and easily accessible product for our customer.

The traditional process ensures the salmon is a rich orange/brown colour. The fish is skinned, trimmed, sliced and pin boned ensuring that it is ready for the customer to use, with absolutely no waste. The average number of slices in each side is approximately 36 slices in an 800 gram pack
and approx. 40 slices in a 1kg pack.

Each salmon is marked with a best before date denoting a 21 day period from the day of process.

The salmon is maintained at a temperature of 0-4C in store to maintain the excellent quality.

It should be used within 3 days of opening and prior to the best before date.

The product is fresh and therefore can be frozen after purchase. Use within three days of defrosting.


















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