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Howth Harbour
Howth Harbour
Howth Harbour

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Our Shop: Nicky's Plaice Today

Huddled amongst the trawlers, you will find Nicky's Plaice at the end of the West Pier, Howth, or
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Our family business, established in 1959, is the oldest shop on the pier. It is ideally suited for getting fresh fish. You will know us by the sign over our door, and the friendly busy atmosphere within.

Nicky McLoughlin tells his story...

"When I turned my hand from fishing to fish retailing and processing, the premises at that time was little more than a lean-to. Yet people traveled for the quality and price that could be found there, the freshness sealed in the paper wrappings that we used then."

The shop is known locally as Nicky's, and people are still guided to that small door at the end of the pier.

Today, this old and traditional business incorporates new generations and ideas, combining the old and new. The unique style of methods and practices are enhanced by up-to-date equipment, standards and hygiene regulations.

What our customers have to say:

"There's an old family feeling and character to the shop. I enjoy my visit there."

"You'll get excellent quality fish here, and there's always a recommendation about a good buy."



smoked salmon